Hi! AGT Marketing can help you

in different stages and tasks

of your social media marketing campaign. From assessment, diagnostic, monitoring, reinforcement, and evaluation, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Social Media is here to stay and so is AGT Marketing.



Online marketing is here to stay and so is AGT Marketing. Different companies, institutions, organizations, and professionals have different needs. That is why AGT Marketing offers a wide array of Online Marketing services. We offer tailor-made services for our clients.

AGT stands out with its line-up of globally competent professionals. Extensive experience, professionalism, and in-depth understanding of how online marketing works, the result is nothing less than excellence. We have experts in search engine optimization, PPC or pay-per-click management, search engine marketing, social media, and e-mail marketing, among many others. We are a Europe-based agency but with clients across the globe, from Melbourne, through Dubai, to Texas.

AGT Marketing can help you in different stages and tasks of your online marketing campaigns. From assessment, diagnostic, monitoring, reinforcement, and evaluation, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

We understand that expanding your customer base should not be the sole concern of the marketing campaign but to establish strong and harmonious
relationship with your existing customers as well.

We believe that the best form of advertising is your satisfied customers and our professionals will help you with that.

AGT Marketing

is the

social marketing agency

that has the perfect recipe

for your success

AGT Marketing’s

sole aim is to provide

social media marketing services

that will guarantee

your success.


You will be more than contented with what AGT Marketing will do to your social media content. You will have high quality content that readers will love and that search engines will surely notice. You do not need to worry about technicalities. Just sit back and let AGT Marketing do all the work.


Enjoy and Engage. We will make sure that your customers will find it desirable to participate in discussions, promos, activities, and whatever you have going on in your social media pages.

Strategy Strut

Enjoy not just organic traffic but also guaranteed conversions.

Rest as we Research

We do the not-so-dirty work of research with our top-of-the-line software and experts so you can use your precious time on other endeavors.

Efficiency + Punctuality

We believe that excellence is nothing without punctuality. Therefore, we give you exactly what you need right when you need it.

Anatomy of Success

Analysis is the springboard of a great social media marketing Dubai or any other part of the world. Therefore, we are as thorough as we can be and use nothing but the best tools and software for the job.

Art of Creation

Creativity is mainly what keeps readers and customers engaged. AGT Marketing will help you catch their attention and keep them coming back for more.

AGT Marketing’s sole aim is to provide online marketing services that will guarantee your success.


We are always ready to give our clients requirements for online businesses. We are a company with professional and competitive individuals that are well trained in marketing through the use of social media, SEM, SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising , graphic design and lastly, email marketing, e-commerce.

We are here to help our clients succeed. We also help in formulating great marketing strategies. One of the best things we offer is our improving relationship with our customers while making our market known not only as Online Marketing in Dubai but also as the best Online Agency in other parts of the world. Clients are satisfied with our good services as we are able to give them the pointers on how to make their online marketing the best of all. Our company is able to give great services to clients from Dubai and to other countries as well.

Here is why we are chosen to serve a large number of clients…

• We manage well the different social media channels for more efficiency and comprehensiveness in giving favorable results using the best social media marketing!
• We are here to use all the good social media networks for PPC advertising which includes Facebook marketing for infographics as well as Linked in, Instagram, Twitter and Google+.
• We also give services for google adwords Dubai thus making us the best google adwords agency!

We are the best SEO in Dubai because of the following factors:

Great Strategy – we are ready to help clients in having the best marketing plan with longterm vision. We make clients ready for the coming days of the online marketing system.
Complete Content Management – it is important that all factors including future consumers are included in the plan. This is how we treat our online business with our clients.
Market Research – we make sure that money spent for advertising are paid with research using advanced software, feedbacks and real time application.
Efficiency – clients are guaranteed of the best method for online campaigns within a timeframe. We make sure that every step is done strictly on deadlines.
Commitment – we have marketing campaigns and ads to spread the brand through the different social media channels.
Market Analysis – we guarantee that every cent spent is worthy of the services we give our clients. Putting up a business is a great risk and that is why we want clients to get their money’s worth.
Effectiveness – the combination of being creative, digital expert and software specialist makes the whole online marketing plan a huge success.










AGT Marketing integrates social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram in marketing

Marketing plays a vital role in the success of any business. In the competitive world of business, the company with the best marketing strategy wins. Even though you have the best products and services to offer, without a good and effective marketing strategy, your potential clients will not know about what your company can offer.

Today, making your business known worldwide is no longer impossible even for starters because of social media marketing. Through online marketing, it will be easier for you to market your products or services to a larger number of potential clients and build a community for your clients and potential clients.


There is no doubt that Facebook is today’s most widely used social networking site with the biggest number of registered users around the globe. Thus, putting your business’ brand on Facebook will definitely be a big help.
For you to have an effective facebook marketing strategy, we make sure that you are visible to your potential clients. We make your business’ goals and objectives clear and appealing to your readers. We post photos of your products or services that are catchy and feature the best quality of your business. Make use of “hashtags” to improve your brand’s visibility.


Twitter is another social networking site that is widely used in the world. This is another networking site that can guarantee you a successful online marketing. Twitter allows you to promote your business in short messages (140 characters) that appear in your followers home pages. Hence, we make sure your followers are your potential customers. We see to it that these short messages can catch the attention of your customers. We also make these messages link to your business website, your product videos or photos, or your business’ Facebook page.


Linkedln is also another networking site that you can use in your online marketing. Since this site is by nature a professional and business related networking site, we can create a professional profile for your business. In this site, you can have the opportunity to generate sales lead and meet potential business partners. This is also a good networking site to market your products or services to potential investors.


Instagram is now a booming networking site. This can also be a potential channel for your online marketing. Putting your business’ brand on Instagram can be more effective if you link it to your Facebook account. We help you to engage your business in relevant and popular hashtags and build a community of clients. Instagram also provide you and opportunity to upload videos related to your business and embeds these videos in your websites or blogs.


Pinterest is the best networking site that can make your product be very visible to your potential clients. It gives you an opportunity to showcase your products designs. Pinterest allows users to send very stylish photos to each other that can be very effective in marketing your goods and services.

Indeed, social media marketing is the best thing that every business has today.

This type of marketing is definitely no longer a luxury but a necessity for every business who wants to reach out to its customers, potential customers, and build a community.

Indeed, social media marketing is the best thing that every business has today.

This type of marketing is definitely no longer a luxury but a necessity for every business who wants to reach out to its customers, target groups, and build a community.


Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is a unique strategy for your online marketing. This type of advertising is a good way to generate visitors especially when you urgently need traffic and leads. However, Pay per Click advertising is a risky marketing strategy if you don’t seek the services of PPC advertisings experts.

Advantages of PPC Advertising
The best thing about pay per click advertising is that it can generate traffic right away. You can have results within a short period of time. PPC advertising is a complex online marketing tool but with the help of experts, this type of marketing can be very effective, quick, easy to measure and can guarantee a good return on investment.

We will help you get the most out of your campaigns by well-written ads and optimised your landing pages, campaigns.

PPC advertising is also a good choice if you are having a short-term campaign for a new product or services. If you own online shops, PPC advertising is also the best way to market your products as it can help you generate the buzz right away.

Disadvantages of not choosing experts
Although PPC advertising is no doubt the best way to quickly generate targeted traffic, and generate leads it can cost your business a fortune if you don’t know how to do it. The best way to use PPC advertising strategy is to hire experts in this field. We will optimise your campaigns making it more effective and worth your budget.

To make sure you get the best PPC advertisement on the web, get in touch with experts. It will definitely save you your energy, time and money.


From web design, to operations and maintenance, AGT has your website development needs covered. We can conceptualise, create from scratch, or improve your existing website according to your needs and your objectives.

We have experts on the field of web development as well as online marketing to make an attractive, organised, and engaging page for your readers and customers which works for your visitors and for the search engines.

While a lot of service providers may be able to create a great website for you, AGT Marketing can create more than that.

Practical. Our services are cost-efficient. While web development is a complex and highly technical business, we offer our services at very affordable costs so you can earn more without spending a lot of money. The prices of our services are competitive without sacrificing quality.
Easy Peasy. Web development is one of the most complex facets of online marketing. Your website is the foundation of your marketing strategies so it should always be at its best. AGT Marketing will do the hardest tasks and leave you with the easy to maintain website.

Room for Growth. We work with you towards success so we create and implement online marketing campaigns that will lead to success, and eventually, growth. This is why we make sure that we give you a flexible website so you can easily adjust to progress.
The Look of Success. Just like with people, the appearance has a lot to do with initial impressions. Therefore, we will create a responsive website that is organized, beautiful, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

Website development with AGT Marketing is definitely a major leap towards popularity, stability, and success.


The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization in Business

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of generating traffic from the natural search engine results. For so many years, Search Engine Optimization has been a vital part of every business’ marketing strategy. This is rooted on the principle, the higher ranking in the search engine result, the bigger your chances to be seen by your customers.

Why get started with SEO?

Low Cost Results

Compared to other paid advertisements like PPC advertising, SEO is cheaper. Search engine optimization is a complex process that needs best strategies and time. You don’t have to worry about the complexities of SEO because we have you covered.

Generate more traffic

If you constantly get a high search listing, this will then result to increased traffic.

Improve Brand Credibility

Usually, people have the impression that those who rank higher in search engines are the most reputable. Thus, if you rank constantly higher, the trust of the people in your products or services will surely be strengthened.

Higher return on investment

Since the operation of SEO is less expensive compared to other paid advertisings online, you can possibly get a better return on investment when you generate sales using SEO. This better return on investment is definitely a good sign that your business is doing well.

SEO takes your Business to a higher level

Increase your site’s visibility and reach out to more people.

SEO is based on Demand

People usually hit the search engine when they need or want something. When you follow the correct SEO management, people will find your website and they will find exactly what they need. This can then lead to sales and success in your business!

Search Engine Optimization is indeed a helpful innovation in every business’ marketing strategy. It gives your business a “sales representative” that never sleeps. It is because even though your office is closed and all of your staffs are sleeping, if someone lands on your site because of SEO, you can still hope for a potential sale.

It is surely tough to keep standing in spite of a very competitive business world. All of your competitors might be doing SEO. Thus, it will be a disadvantage if you don’t.

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